– Cloud Based Task Management Solution

When you are working on a project, you are always thinking about it whether it is day or night whether you are at your workplace or at your home. Sometimes, you get the lightbulb moment when you are half asleep in your comfortable bed and then you jump up to scribble it down on any paper available – sometimes on the back of envelopes and other times on the cardboard boxes that your Pizza was delivered in. And when you need these ideas back, you cannot find them perhaps because someone in your family threw away those envelopes and cardboard boxes in the junk.

A better and much well organized approach is to use an online cloud based service like to manage your productive ideas, thoughts, reminders, goals and plans. is a cloud service used by millions of people worldwide that follows the GTD (get things done) approach. This service is available for many different platforms like Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android etc. And then there is the online website that works in the all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari etc.

You begin by installing the app in your smartphone and then creating a free user account for which all you have to do is supply an email address. Using the same account, you can access your tasks from anywhere in the world on any device supported making it easy for you to manage your tasks from work or home or from a restaurant where you are enjoying your favorite coffee.

In your account, you can create a new project, context or goal. Inside the project, you can create as many tasks as you want required towards the completion of the project. The project as well as the tasks inside it have a deadline and you are reminded of these as they approach closer and closer. You can sort your tasks by the project, their priority, or their deadline. You can tag them with your own metadata tags, set priority flags, set your tasks to repeat at specified frequencies (for things you have to do again and again) or attach notes to various tasks so that you do not get confused when the number of tasks become overwhelmingly large.

Conclusion: The is an efficient cloud based task management solution. You can install it as an app in your smartphone, as a software in your Windows or Mac computer, or access it from any web browser. If you are embarking on a new project, then you can use to  sure that you finish it on time.

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