Send Large Files to Anyone with Hightail

When you have to send larger files, you can send them by attaching it with your email message. And these days many of the email service providers have considerably increased the file size that you can attach with your email messages. But here is another problem, what if the other party (the person who is receiving the message) is using an email service that does not allow very large size attachments? To make sure that the person does receive the files you are trying to share with them, you can use an additional service like Hightail.

Hightail was previously known as YouSendit. It is a large size file sharing service that can be used by anyone without even signing up for any account. Obviously when you sign up for an account, you get more control over the files you have shared. Typically you can visit their website and use the options given on the front page to share your files. You have to enter your email address, the email address of the recipient, select the files you want to share (free service allows maximum files of total 100 MB size) and then click on the Send Now button.


Similar options are available when you use the service through the mobile apps which are available for Android and iPhone. After you share the files, you are shown the message that your files will be available only for the next seven days. You are also given a URL link using which you can share these files with anyone you want.


The person whose email address you specified as the recipient, also receives a message with the same link. You can tap/click on this link to open the Hightail website where the files will be available for your download. Some of the common files will also be previewed like the media files, PDF documents, Word documents and more.


Conclusion: Hightail is a very useful service for people who often collaborate their work with other team members. You can send very large files to other people and if you subscribe for the paid service, you get many more features.

You can visit Hightail website at