Recover Files and Partitions with Eassos Recovery Free

Eassos Recovery is a software that can help you recover your files and partitions in case of accidental file deletions, disk failures and other unwanted situations ending up in the loss of your data. The software is available in two editions – the free and the paid. The free version is completely identical to the paid one except that there is a data recovery limit in the free version. The free version is able to recover only a maximum of 1GB of your data while in the paid version no such limits exist.

The user interface of the Eassos Recovery software shows all the options available in a single window. You can choose to recover files from partition, recover files from the disk, recover deleted files, and recover lost partitions. This screen makes it very easy to find out the most appropriate module for your recovery requirements and you can read a concise introduction to each function to know whats each of these modules does.

Eassos Recovery

No matter which of these modules you choose, you will have to choose a target hard disk drive (or any other type of the storage disk) that is attached to your computer. After this you can choose the option Extra Search for Known File Types which is basically a deep scan function. This deep scan option is selected by default, but you can choose to de-select it to save scanning time.

Once the scanning is done, you can select any of the files that you wish to recover and click on the Recover button. If you wish to save the scan status then click on the Save Scan Status button so that you can continue the recovery process at a later time. This function is very useful if you are working on a large capacity storage device and cannot go through all the files in time.

You can download Eassos Recovery software from