Logyx Pack : Hundreds of Logic Games for Windows

After we complete our education, many of us rarely put our brain to some test. This is why scientists often suggest that grown ups engage in activities like solving Sudoku puzzles or crossword puzzles everyday. And this is done very easily – all you have to do is subscribe to a daily newspaper and jump on the crossword puzzle when the paper is delivered. But if you want to put your brain to some stress test regularly through your work day, then you can make use of the Logyx Pack puzzle pack.

Logyx Pack is a collection of logic games designed to challenge your brain’s logical problem solving compartment. Logyx Pack is a portable application and packs hundreds of logical games only in two files. You can launch LogyxPack.exe to start playing these games. At the start a random game is picked for your pleasure. But you can pick any game from the Play menu and selecting one from the sub-menus. All the games are organized well alphabetically and you can choose any one of them anytime you want to play them. Some of them games have different levels to be solved and it allows you to choose these different levels for these games from the Options menu.

Logyx Pack

Logyx Pack currently contains around 120 games. Some of these games are something you may have never played in your life while others are very popular ones like Tetris, Minesweeper, Checkers, Chess or Snakes & Ladders. If you launch a new game whose rules or game-play you do not know about, then you can view the guide from the menubar and it will help you understand the game. It is amazing to see that all these games are packed in just a single 1.5 MB file. A full list of all the games can be seen on the Logyx Pack website.

You can download the ultimate logic puzzle problem Logyx Pack from http://free-zd.t-com.hr/drazen/.