Play Blizzard’s StarCraft II for Free on PC and Mac

This November brings a very good news for all the gamers out there. The game development giant Blizzard has announced that they are offering StarCraft II for free for everyone starting this November 14th. Yes, StartCraft II will be available for free of cost but only the basic version will be free. Nevertheless, according to the Blizzard website, you would be able to play it in the online multiplayer mode without any problem.

Blizzard has also published the system requirements for the PC and Mac users. Basically for the Windows users, you have to have at least Windows 7 with 2 GB RAM, dual code processor and a decent graphics card. For the Mac users, the minimum requirements are a little bit higher – they need Mac OS 10.10, 4GB RAM, dual core processor and medium level graphics card.

But before you go wild with imagination, you should note that Blizzard is not making everything available in StarCraft II for free. They are making only some portions of the game free. It is another way of saying that it is a full playable but only partially. You would be able to play Wings of Liberty in its entirety, will be able to play in the Versus Mode, and can have Commanders upto level 5 for absolutely free.

StarCraft II

If you have played StarCraft before, then you are going to love this free-to-play version of StarCraft II. There is nothing much to say or do, but to to delve into the sheer joy of playing this brilliant game. Of course, to download and play StarCraft II for free, you will have to wait for more than two weeks. If you cannot wait, then you can also buy StarCraft II from Blizzard’s online shop.

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