BingSnap Automatically Sets Bing Wallpaper in Windows

Ever since its inception, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been displaying one stunning image after another on their home page every single day. They gather these images from a myriad of sources. The images are high resolution and relevant to the current events or special occasions. For example, near the Christmas time they displayed beautiful images of all the things associated with the Christmas season. And now they are displaying New Year’s eve celebration images on Bing.

It is only natural that people want to use these beautiful images as the desktop wallpaper for their Windows computers. But you do not have to manually download these images and set them as the wallpaper. The freeware BingSnap can automatically download the latest Bing image and set it as your Windows PC’s desktop wallpaper.


After the installation, it places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop and silently works in the background. You do not have to really make any changes to the settings and it will keep working as expected. Whenever Bing updates the image on the search engine homepage, BingSnap downloads it and sets it as the desktop wallpaper.

In the settings, you can specify a folder where all the downloaded Bing images are kept. You can also choose the local regions for the Bing search engine so that BingSnap can download the local regional images from Bing servers. You can choose from dozens of different regions that you can select from the options.


Conclusion: BingSnap is the easiest Bing wallpaper software for Windows PCs. Using this small application, you can download and set the Bing images completely automatically. In fact, the BingSnap software is install-and-forget type of software – once installed, it keeps working in the background. You can also set it to use regional Bing servers.

You can download BingSnap from