Prevent Windows from Going Idle with Mouse Jiggler

You leave your Windows PC sitting idle for a few minutes and what happens is that the screen is turned off and the Windows is locked. Now you have to perform some input action like tapping a key on the keyboard or move your mouse a little, so that the screen is turned back on again and you can login to Windows once more. If you do not want to go through this trouble, then you can use the free Mouse Jiggler program in your Windows PC.

Mouse Jiggler is a free program for Windows that has only one purpose – it keeps moving your mouse pointer back and forth by a few pixels. This movement is not really noticeable unless you look closely on the moving mouse pointer. And if you do not want the back-and-forth movement of the mouse pointer, then you can always choose another mode of operation offered by this small tool called the zen mode.

When you launch the Mouse Jiggler program, it shows a very small window on the screen. You might have to look closely on your screen to find out this window. In this window you can choose the normal jiggle mode by selecting Enable Jiggle. This will instantly make the back-and-forth movement of the mouse cursor.

Mouse Jiggler

If you choose the Zen Jiggle option together with the Enable Jiggle option, then it simulates the mouse movement virtually so that you do not see the mouse cursor actually moving, but Windows operating system will think that there is some mouse movement. In both cases, the operating system will never register the idle time. This way your system will never automatically slip into the sleep mode or will turn off the screen.

Conclusion: Mouse Jiggler simulates mouse pointer movements to avoid Windows registering idle time and preventing operating system from going into the sleep mode or locking the screen. This could be useful for people who watch read long articles or ebooks online and do not want the screen to be turned off after every few minutes.

You can download Mouse Jiggler from