Toolbar Terminator 2018 Removes All Web Browser Toolbars

The one problem that existed in web browsers almost a decade ago and still continues to haunt the users, is the unwanted installation of toolbars by various software. For example, the WordWeb dictionary, which is a very good dictionary and thesaurus software for Windows computers, often ends up installing its plugins and extensions in various web browsers specially the Firefox web browser. This can be useful for some people, but I find it annoying. These web browsers already come with a dozen settings and features that we have to turn off because we never use them, and now we have to deal with these unwanted toolbars too!

Fortunately the good people at Abelssoft have created an easy-to-use program that can quickly remove all the unwanted toolbars called Toolbar Terminator 2018. The software is professionally designed to detect all the toolbars in a  number of supported web browsers. It does not flag all the toolbars to be removed, but intelligently determines only a few of the toolbars to be removed. It supports three web browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and is also able to detect the toolbar software installed in the Windows operating system.

Abelssoft Toolbar Terminator 2018

As soon as you launch the Abelssoft Toolbar Terminator 2018, you are shown a number of toolbars installed in various web browsers. These toolbars or other plugins are already selected to be removed. You can just click on the Remove Selected button to proceed and remove all the selected toolbars. Of course, you should close down all the running web browsers before attempting to remove these toolbars. This is required because the removal may not be successful if the web browsers are running even in the background.

Abelssoft Toolbar Terminator 2018

Apart from the toolbar and other plugins removal, the Toolbar Terminator 2018 can also be used to view and edit the auto-starting programs in Windows. In the settings, you can choose the default homepage to be set after removing the toolbars. You can also choose to scan the system for unwanted toolbars after Windows logon.

You can download Abelssoft Toolbar Terminator 2018 from