Moo0 Voice Recorder : Record Audio As MP3

Windows already comes with a sound recorder of its own, but Microsoft’s sound recorder app saves the recordings into WMA format. Besides it has limitations on the length of sound you can record. So if you want to record you voice on your Windows PC, you have to look at alternative software. There are many third party sound recording software available for Windows like Audacity or GoldWave, but they are both very advanced software with hundreds of sound editing features. You do not need so many features just to record your voice through the microphone.

Instead, you can use a very easy to use small sound recording software called Moo0 Voice Recorder. It can record the audio from your Windows PC whether the audio source if line in, line our or the microphone. It is very small tool and works well in all versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows 10.

Moo0 Voice Recorder

The small window of Moo0 Voice Recorder contains everything you need. You can choose the output folder, output filename, the file type (MP3 or WAV), choose to cut silence from the audio, and over-write the file if the file with the same name already exists. From the drop-down listbox, you can choose what you want to record – only voice, PC audio, or both. If you want to boost the audio level, then you can choose the boost level as well. Clicking on the Start Recording button will start the recording of the sound in your PC.

In the settings for the Moo0  Voice Recorder, you can choose to open a timer, change recording quality, change the way it removes the silent parts of the recording, change the file naming rules and so on. You can also choose to set the hotkeys to start and stop the recording.

You can download Moo0 Voice Recorder from

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  1. how does the timer work? I want to be able to stop a recording without having to sit at the computer to do it manually.

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