Carbon CD Creates CD Images in Windows

One time CDs were very popular and were the first choice for storing large size of data. But now nobody uses them, even the software and games are being distributed online. As far as the data storage requirements are concerned, people are now choosing cloud storage services and portable hard drives for storing all their files.

So if you have an older CD lying around somewhere that you hope might be useful sometime in the future, you can create a backup of the CD using the Carbon CD software. The Carbon CD software is a free program that can be used to carry out a number of CD related tasks like creating CD images, writing the CD images back to a blank CD and clone the CDs.

The software is available as a portable application and has a very appealing interface. You can find all the functions right in the main window itself. Clicking on the large buttons will open the respective modules and you can proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Carbon CD

The only drawback of the program is that it supports only CDs. It does not work with DVD or Blu-ray disks. However it does not mean that it does not work with optical drives with support for DVD and Blu-ray. It does support the re-writable CD (CD-RW) and allows you to erase them in two modes – normal mode and quick erase mode.

If you want a portable software for working with CDs and backing up your older CDs to your PC so that you can reproduce them later if needed then you can use Carbon CD. But if you need a software that can work with DVD and Blu-ray too, then you can get the ImgBurn software which is very similar to Carbon CD.

You can download Carbon CD software from