YellowPile : Colored Sticky Notes for Windows Desktop

Sticky notes or Post-It notes are small pieces of paper with adhesive on one side. You can paste them anywhere and remove them later. They are used mainly for reminders, planners, making notes in documents, files and books. But people have found thousands of uses of Post-It notes since their invention.

The electronic equivalent of physical sticky notes was first presented in Windows 7 by Microsoft. In the newer versions, the sticky notes feature is available from the Microsoft App Store. But you can also use the third party sticky notes applications like YellowPile.

YellowPile is a small sticky notes application and can be used to create colored sticky notes right on your Windows desktop. It places a small icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to get access to various options including the hiding and displaying of the sticky notes.


You can add as many sticky notes on the desktop as you want. You can pin them on the desktop so that they stay on the top even when you open other windows and launch other programs. You can right-click on these sticky notes and change their color, their font face, font size and color of the text.


In the settings for the YellowPile, you can enable hotkeys to show or hide the notes. Typically this hotkey is Ctrl+S, but this hotkey can interfere with document or image editors that have the same hotkey to save the files. Among other options, you can change the opacity of the sticky notes, choose a random color for the new sticky notes, stick the notes to the screen edges and more.


Conclusion: YellowPile is a small sticky notes application for Windows that has all the features you would find in the Microsoft’s own sticky notes app. It is a productive and very useful software for the people who work long hours in front of their computers.

You can download YellowPile from