Fix Stuck Pixels on LED Screen with Pixel Repair Tool

Dead pixels on your LED screen are the small dots that stay black because the light emitting diode in that location on the screen has become dead and no longer lights up. Similarly, the stuck pixels on your LED screen are the ones that are stuck to just one color and do not change the color no matter what is being displayed on the screen. These dead or stuck pixels are very common problems in low end screens.

Now if you have a desktop computer, then you can buy another LED screen easily as they are very cheap and there is a wide variety available for you on online shopping sites like Amazon. You can get the most expensive screen if you want and you can buy cheapest possible screen depending on your budget. But the same is not true for the laptops or notebook computers. If you get stuck pixels on the screen, then you have to take the laptop to a repair shop and they screen replacement cost is always high.

But before you buy a new screen for your desktop computer or have your laptop screen replaced, you should attempt to fix the stuck pixels using a free program called Pixel Repair tool. This tool (or any other tool) cannot repair the dead pixels because they are dead. But it can attempt to fix the stuck pixels.

Pixel Repair

If you cannot locate the stuck pixel, then you can use this tool to locate them first. You can click on a number of colors to have the screen display that color all over the screen. Then use the arrow keys to display all the other colors in the case these stuck pixels are displaying different colors.

After locating the stuck pixels, you can choose a color mode and click on the big Go! button. A small window will be displayed that you can drag around to the location where the stuck pixels are and leave it running for 10 minutes. The program says that most of the stuck pixels get cleared in less than 10 minutes, so it is worth a try.

Pixel Repair

Verdict: Pixel Repair tool is an easy way to fix the stuck pixels on the LED screens. It can also be used to locate the dead or stuck pixels on your screen. It uses a very simple method to switch the LED diodes through a random series of different colors to free up the stuck pixels.

You can download Pixel Repair tool from

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