Overclock Graphics Cards with Gigabyte Xtreme Engine

Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming cards are very high end graphics cards for the PC gamers. They work well with Gigabyte motherboards and are mostly built on the Nvidia technology. Since they are based on Nvidia GPU, you can install Nvidia’s software to make them work. But Gigabyte also offers their own software and drivers for efficient installation and working of the graphics cards.

Gigabyte offers Gigabyte Xtreme Engine software using which you can overclock their Xtreme Engine graphics cards easily. The software has both the manual and the one-click overclocking functions. In the manual settings, you can adjust the GPU clock frequency, memory clock frequency, GPU voltage, power limit, and the temperature limit. All of these are controlled using easy to use slider controls. You also have the option to return the settings back to their default values.

The over-clocking software also has the profiles that can be picked in just one click. These settings can be found from under the “Advanced OC” tab. The Gigabyte Xtreme graphics cards already come with “Gaming” profile selected which is good enough for playing many of the modern games. But you can select the “OC” profile to make the graphics card run at its peak performance. Similarly, you can select the “Eco” mode to run the graphics card at a lower performance level and save power – this mode is great for basic Windows operating system use.

Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming

Conclusion: Gigabyte Xtreme Engine is a must-to-have tool for all the Gigabyte graphic card owners. Using this over-clocking program, you can manage, monitor and overclock graphical cards installed in your computer. In addition to changing voltage and clock frequencies, we can also change the mode of operation of the card, for example, you can quickly choose the Eco mode, Gaming mode or the OC mode depending on how you want to use the Gigabyte graphics cards.

You can download Gigabyte Xtreme Engine software from https://www.gigabyte.com/Support/Utility/Graphics-Card.