Use Night Mode in Windows to Protect Eyes

If you burn the midnight oil working on your Windows PC, then chances are that you work in the dark or dimly lit rooms. If you have dim surroundings but a bright computer screen then it can put a lot of strain on your eyes when you look away from your screen and then back on the screen. In order to keep your eyes healthy and protect them from the sudden strain induced by the relative contrast in the surroundings and the computer screen, you can use a small portable program called “Night Mode for Windows”.

The small portable software “Night Mode for Windows” works for all versions of Windows starting from now-dated Windows XP to the latest version of Windows 10. It is not very much different from the Night Light feature that has appeared in the latest Creators Update version of Windows 10. You can read more about the Night Light for Windows 10 here – how to enable night light in Windows 10.

As soon as you launch the “Night Mode for Windows” program, it makes home in the notification area of your Windows desktop. You can right-click on this small icon to access a menu from where you can change the brightness of your screen. The smaller the percentage you choose, the brighter your screen is. At 0%, your screen is brightest and at 100% it is darkest.

Night Mode for Windows

From the options for the “Night Mode for Windows”, you can choose the current dimming level, the maximum dimming level possible and the minimum dimming level possible. You are also displayed the hotkeys to increase or decrease the screen brightness. But there are no options to change the hotkeys. You can also set the program to be automatically started at Windows logon.

Night Mode for Windows

Conclusion: “Night Mode for Windows” is a very small program that is very efficient at dimming your screen to protect your eyes from the strain caused by brightly lit computer screens. It does requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework to be installed but that comes pre-installed in Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

You can download “Night Mode for Windows” from