How to Force Chrome to Access Sites Over HTTPS Only

Even though Chrome web browser started displaying insecure warning for websites where some important information has to be entered from the beginning of the January 2017, you can take the security enhancement a little further by using an extension named Panic Mode.

The Panic Mode extension for the Chrome web browser forces the browser to access all websites only through the encrypted HTTPS connections. This will make sure that you transfer all information over the SSL encrypted connections only. All the insecure HTTP connections will fail and you will be displayed a warning that certificate is invalid.

After installing the Panic Mode extension in the Chrome web browser, you will see a new icon in the toolbar. Whenever you want to make sure that Chrome accesses only SSL encrypted connections, you can click on this button to enable the Panic Mode. After this only encrypted secure connections will be made by Chrome and insecure HTTP connections will be forcefully redirected to the HTTPS connections. If you want to access the insecure HTTP websites once again, then you can click on the Panic Mode button in the toolbar once again to turn it off. The Panic Mode extension has no options making it painless for even the beginners.

Chrome Panic Mode

The usefulness of this Panic Mode extension becomes much more apparent when you are performing some sort of financial transactions online such as online banking, online shopping, using credit cards/debit cards, using sites like PayPal etc. By enabling the Panic Mode in the Chrome web browser, you can ensure that all of your personal and financial information is sent over an encrypted secure connection. This way you can easily prevent any man-in-the-middle attacks or avoid the eavesdropping  of your data.

You can get the Panic Mode extension for the Chrome web browser from