Relax and Sleep Better with White Noise App

Have you ever seen that when there is some low noise in your surroundings, you fall asleep very easily to have a good and long sleep. But you have sleepless nights when it is really very quiet around you. This is because of the white noise (the low level continuous noise) masks all the other occasional noise that could cause interruption in your sleep. This is why there are so many audio CDs available loaded with white noise sounds such as the sound of nature, forest critters, falling rain, thunderstorm, crackling fire and more. These audio CDs help you sleep better even in the heart of a noisy city.

The White Noise Lite app for Android and iPhone also does the same thing. It plays white noise sounds to help you sleep better. But unlike the audio CDs, you have many options to customize which, how and when these white noise sounds are played. You can use timers to control for how long these white noise sounds are going to be played on your smartphone which makes it an ideal app to use before going to bed. You can set the number of hours for which the sounds are played, the exact time when an alarm is sounded, and more.

White Noise Light

In the app, you have access to a large number of sounds like the amazon forest, beach waves crushing, camp fire crackling, ocean waves, blowing wind, thunder storm, rain coming down on a car’s roof, rain storm, light rain pouring, and more. In fact there are more than forty different sounds recorded from the natural sources. These sounds are not generated by computer or machine. Moreover, you can mix two different sounds together to create a new sound mix. For example, you can mix sounds of amazon jungle with falling light rain to create the sound mix.

White Noise Light

Conclusion: White Noise Lite app can help you feel relaxed and sleep better. It has more than forty different natural white noise sounds that can further be mixed together to create more sounds. The app can be made to play these sounds for a set duration for time.

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