Now Puffin Web Browser is Available for Windows

Windows users now have many more options for their web browsing needs. Other than the Microsoft’s Edge browser, Mozilla’s security rich Firefox browser, Google’s lightning fast Chrome browser, Opera and Vivaldi, now Windows users can also install the Puffin web browser in their PC. Puffin web browser is well known to the iOS users, that is, the people who have iPhone or iPad. Puffin is said to be really very fast because it shifts the workload from the local device to their cloud servers making loading the websites ultra fast.

The tagline of Puffin web browser is – it is wicked fast! It was already available for iOS and Android. But now they have released a beta version for Windows PC as well. You can download and install the new Puffin browser from their website. They appear to have released only a 32-bit version of the browser which could be a drawback as it is not able to take the benefit of 64-bit operating system.

Puffin web browser for Windows

As soon as you launch the Puffin web browser it asks you to connect to the secure cloud servers. You can later toggle the cloud servers from the web browser itself. In order to see the details of which cloud server you are connected to, you have to click on the puffin bird icon in the address bar.

Puffin web browser for Windows

It will show you options to enable/disable the cloud server, display the data that you have saved using these cloud servers, and the IP address of the cloud server. You can keep the cloud servers enabled for regular web browsing and stay anonymous on the internet. But for sensitive activities like online shopping, online banking etc., you should turn off all the cloud servers.

Puffin web browser for Windows

The beta version of Puffin web browser for Windows certainly uses the cloud servers for fast web browsing, but it has a long way to go before it can challenge the likes of Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

You can download Puffin web browser for Windows from