Pop Out Videos on Any Website in Opera Browser

Working on computers can be a very tiring and tedious task especially when it is a part of your everyday job. To give the mind some relaxation, I usually listen to music as I tap away on my keyboard writing new programs for the company that I work for. Occasionally, I also watch videos on various websites but these videos are embedding inside the web pages and you cannot both watch the videos and work with your development tools (or any other software that you work with).

But now the new version of the Opera web browser has a new “video pop out” feature using which you can force any video embedded on most of the websites to be shown in a small separate window of its own. Basically the way it works is whenever you watch a video on any website, Opera shows a small link near the top edge of the video frame. When you click on this link, the video being played gets popped out into a small window of its own. You can then drag this video around anywhere on your computer’s screen and enjoy watching the video while working on other tasks.

Video Pop Out in Opera

In order to make sure that your Opera web browser is configured properly to display the video pop out option for all the videos, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Opera web browser and use the hotkey Alt+P to open the settings. Alternatively, you can also enter chrome://settings in the address bar to open the settings.
  2. In the settings, select the Websites section from the left side category of settings.
  3. Find the settings for Video pop out and select the option Enable video pop out.Video Pop Out in Opera
  4. Close the settings and you can now use Opera to watch videos in their own pop out windows or frames.

The video pop out feature is currently working on all the video streaming sites but there are some website owners who have already started working to add code against it. You can test this feature yourself using the Opera web browser from http://www.opera.com/.