Plume Creator : Writing Companion for Story Writers

During my vacations last week, I happened to meet a number of young and aspiring story writers. It was very impressive to see that some of them have already finished writing more than one manuscripts of novels and stories. Until now I used to think that story writers and novelists use software like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or Libre Office to write their books. But I was introduced to many new and open-source software like Plume Creator.

Plume Creator is an open-source software specially designed to help the story writers. You can start a new project in Plume Creator that can be either a story, a short novel, a medium size novel or a long lengthy novel. You can specify the number of chapters, number of acts, number of books, or the number of scenes at the time of creating the project. But you can always add them later too.

Plume Creator

For each of the chapters, you can add a number of characters, scenes and places that you are going to use in that chapter. You can develop these characters all through the story or the novel. This makes it very easy for refer to the characters and places as you finish your book without making any mistakes or conflicts.

Apart from these, the Plume Creator also offers many other useful features like note manager, outliner and synopsis etc. And not to mention that Plume Creator provides distraction free full-screen mode so that you can write your stories and novels without having to worry about all the notifications and messages that Windows operating system keeps popping up now and then.

Plume Creator

Plume Creator can export the finished works in HTML, ODT as well as PDF formats. The ODT format can be opened in OpenOffice, LibreOffice and newer versions of Microsoft Office too.

You can download Plume Creator from