Passfinder : Create and Enter Passwords in Any Web Browser

Passfinder is a small application for Windows that can be used to create very strong passwords and send them to the password fields of almost any running application including all the major web browsers. The program can be used to store your passwords for various web apps and email addresses, but it is not really a password manager like LastPass or similar software.

It does not install any web browser extension in the web browser, but rather it simulates the keystrokes and just types in the password into the password fields. Apart from the password, you can also enter the username or email address that is required for the login web pages.

In the Passfinder window, you can choose the mode for entering the password either the sending the keystrokes mode or the copy/paste mode. After this you can enter the credentials along with the application name and full path in which you are going to enter these credentials. For example, in case of Firefox web browser, you have to enter Firefox in the application name field, the path to “firefox.exe” in the Path/Url field, the username and the password. It also has a password generator using which you can create strong passwords of selected lengths. You can save these credentials by clicking on the “Save” button.


Now if you want to enter these credentials on a website, then you can first open that web page, switch back to Passfinder, select the credentials from the drop-down list and click on the small blue colored play icon next to the username or password field. Switch back to the web browser window and click inside the username or password field – this will instantly enter the credentials in the selected field.


Verdict: Even though Passfinder is not as advanced, easy-to-use or feature rich as LastPass but it does work across all the applications and web browsers in Windows. You can use it without having to install any extensions in web browsers.

You can download Passfinder from