MyPC Shows Detailed Computer Information

MyPC is a freeware program for Windows and it displays detailed information about your computer like the operating system, CPU, RAM, display, sound, BIOS, motherboard, running processes, networks, special folders, and more. There are many other similar software like HWiNFO that display the detailed information, but MyPC comes with many other useful tools that can be used to carry out tasks like cleaning up your PC, restart the desktop and more.

Upon launching the program, it shows a window with tabbed interface. Each tab is dedicated to displaying information about a specific part of your computer. The System tab displays information about the operating system and other things. But it failed to detect that Firefox was the default web browser in the test PC. Instead it wrongly showed that Internet Explorer was the default web browser.

The CPU, RAM, Display and APM/Sound tabs display the information about the CPU, memory, computer display and the audio hardware respectively. All the information is very thorough, for example, it shows the battery charge status and whether you have plugged in the AC charger cable to your laptop.


Under the Process tab, you can find all the running processes in your PC. You can see the detailed information about each of the processes by selecting them. You can hide all the Microsoft processes and view only non-Microsoft processes. You can search for a process over the Google search and even kill the processes if that is what is needed.

The MyPC software gives you easy shortcuts for a number of Windows system features from under the CtrlCenter tab. In addition to the shortcuts to the inbuilt features and tools in Windows, you can find some of the tools designed by the MyPC developers. There is a system cleaner, alarm clock and a calculator that comes with the MyPC software.

Conclusion: MyPC software displays detailed hardware and software information about your Windows PC. It comes with a system cleaner using which you can remove junk files from PC.

You can download MyPC  from