JavaScript Version of Winamp Runs in Any Web Browser

Winamp was the first software that people installed in their computer after installing Windows and drivers a decade ago. Winamp was the most liked and most downloaded media player for Windows until the development basically slowed down after it was acquired by AOL and later by Radionomy. Many generations of Windows PC users still remember when you could fire up Winamp to listen to your MP3 collections or to thousands of online radio streams through shoutcast.

The last version of the Winamp media player is still available from a number of places on the internet (for example, from and it continues to work even in the latest version of Windows 10 without any problem. However there are some known vulnerabilities in Winamp that have not been patched. And now an open-source developer has come with a JavaScript version of Winamp that can be used from within any web browser from any device. of course you would need a modern web browser that supports all the JavaScript features used in this web app.

Winamp JavaScript Edition

The JavaScript avatar of Winamp runs inside web browsers, looks exactly like the original Winamp with the classic theme applied. You can easily compare it with the version 3 of Winamp that was released in 2002. But it does not support all the features of the original Winamp. For example, you cannot open the internet URL directly from the web app like you were able to in the original Winamp. Even if you add the internet URL inside a playlist file, it is not able to open the playlist files. In fact, the JavaScript version of Winamp has no support for the playlist files at all – you cannot open the PLS files or cannot save the tracks in the playlist to a PLS file.

JavaScript clone of Winamp is not really supposed to have complete working features of the original Winamp. It is just a way to go back in the time and feed the nostalgia of listening to MP3 music through Winamp.

You can enjoy Winamp in your web browser from