Avast Passwords : Secure Password Manager for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Avast Passwords is a relatively newer password manager that works across all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. For Windows computers it has been available as a part of the free Avast Antivirus and you cannot get the stand alone version for Windows. But for other supported platforms, you can download and install a standalone version of Avast Passwords. For example, it is available as a separate app in the Google Play store for the Android devices.

But no matter which platform you use the Avast Passwords on, it presents you with a similar interface. The access is granted with a master password that you have to set before you start using it. For the desktop computers, it offers to install web browser extensions for the Google Chrome browser and the Mozilla Firefox browser. These browser extensions integrate the Avast Password into the web browsers and make it much easier to manage your passwords.

Avast Passwords

The Avast Passwords app can store your passwords, your debit cards or credit cards and your secure notes. The desktop version also offers a paid premium feature called Password Guardian that warns you if any of your passwords are found to be leaked online. You can import the passwords stores in various web browser easily by using the import feature. But you can also add the passwords, credit cards or notes manually.

Avast Passwords

Like many other similar apps, it has a strong password generator which is a great help when you are creating a new account online. The passwords generated by Avast Passwords are extremely secure and are automatically stored in the app’s database. You can sync these stored passwords across all of your devices just by signing in to your Avast account which is free for everyone.

You can get Avast Passwords app for your device from https://www.avast.com/en-us/passwords.