Super Dark Mode for Firefox : Make All Websites Darker

There are times when we start reading an article on Wikipedia and suddenly time evaporates like water does on a hot summer day. It is only later we realize that how we have spent all night reading about some completely random articles on Wikipedia. But on all these all night reading sprees, we keep staring into the brightly lit computer screen and that can really wreak havoc with out sleeping patterns. Not to mention the strain on the eyes caused by all this bright light.

One way to avoid such bright light is to use the f.lux software that dims your computer screen based on the time of day and weather in your city. But if you want something stronger, then you can use the Super Dark Mode in your web browser. It is a web browser extension available for the Chrome web browser as well as the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Super Dark Mode

After the installation in the web browser, it puts an icon in the browser toolbar. The icon looks like a crescent moon, but a super dark crescent moon. If you click on this icon, the website switches to a super dark mode. It works on all the websites by default, but you can enable or disable this extension on any website of your choice.

In the settings for the Super Dark Mode extension, you can select the websites for which it should work. There is a big list of popular websites like Facebook, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, Instagram, Bing, Yahoo etc., that you can select from this list in order to enable to the Super Dark Mode extension on them. There is another option to enable the dark mode on other websites too. The difference between these two options is that it has special ways to apply the dark mode for the list of websites. There is also a whitelist to exclude certain websites from the dark mode.

Super Dark Mode

Conclusion: Super Dark Mode extension for web browsers can make the websites look darker and make them more appealing at night time. This can also make websites put less strain on the eyes when you are reading articles at the night time.

Super Dark Mode extension for Firefox:

Super Dark Mode extension for Chrome: