Caster Makes Background Music Quieter When Talking in Mic

If you are an online streamer and broadcast regularly over a number of streaming services like Twitch, Youtube or YouNow, then you know that you have to turn off your music when responding to people’s comments. This is because people cannot really hear your voice when you are listening to loud music in the background. But turning off the music or turning it music volume down over and over again is simply not possible for all the streamers. You are likely to forget turning down the volume and then people will complain that they are not able to hear you.

An open-source tool called Caster has been designed to address this problem. Caster can automatically lower down the volume of the music (or any other sound) being played on your Windows PC when you start to speak through your microphone. This way you can keep broadcasting while listening to your favorite music without having to worry about if your fans can listen to your voice or not. The Caster program can handle everything on its own.


Caster starts to work as soon as you launch it. But you can tweak its settings and personalize it to your own needs. You can add any program (for example VideoLAN VLC Media Player) in the exception list so that volume of that program is not affected. You can set the microphone boost and microphone threshold values. You can set the minimum and the maximum volume for the audio output for your PC. You can also set the time duration for increasing and decreasing the volume of the background music.

Conclusion: Caster is a really helpful little tool for the online streamers and can saves time spent on toggling the background music off and on. All you have to do is launch this app and leave it running as you broadcast over the streaming services like Twitch.

You can download Caster from