Multi-Account Containers in Firefox Separates Work Life from Personal Life

Mozilla introduced the concept of containers way back in 2016 when they this feature first appeared in the Nightly version of Mozilla Firefox web browser. The containers basically create separated boxes for various websites so that you can keep your work life away from your personal life. This way you can stay signed in to different accounts of the same online service, website or app in different containers. For example, you can access your personal Dropbox account in one container while staying signed in to your work Dropbox account in another container in the same window of Firefox web browser. We discussed about how you can use the containers feature in Firefox to use multiple accounts in the same window in 2016.

And recently Mozilla has released a new extension Firefox Multi-Account Containers that helps you easily use the containers in Firefox. After installing this extension in Firefox browser, you can access it from its toolbar icon. From the options available in the menu, you can easily switch any of the open websites or tabs to a particular container. You can also right-click on a tab to change the containers for that tab.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

By default only four different containers are available – personal, work, banking and shopping. These four containers are more than enough for almost everyone. But if you want to create more containers, then you can do so by clicking on the small “plus” icon in the menu that shows up when you click on the Firefox Multi-Account Containers icon in the toolbar.

You can choose an icon for the new container and pick a name for these containers. You can also pick a color for the container group. You can even edit the default containers and change these settings for them.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

The Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension makes it very convenient to use the containers in Firefox web browser. You can easily switch any open tab to a specific container to keep your work and personal lives separated.

You can get the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension from


  1. Will multi-account containers also prevent unscrupulous websites from seeing your other tabs that have been opened in another container?

    In other words, does it sandbox whatever is within one container from seeing any others?

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