GIRDAC PDF Creator : Virtual PDF Printer for Windows

GIRDAC PDF Creator is a free virtual PDF printer for Windows computers. After installing this virtual PDF printer in your PC, you will be able to create PDF files from any document on your computer by opening that document in an application that allows printing. For example, if you want to create  PDF file from a JPEG image then you can open it in IrfanView image viewer and choose to print it. When you select the GIRDAC printer as the target, it will save that JPEG image as a PDF file in your PC.

You can basically do the same thing for all kinds of documents on your PC. The GIRDAC PDF creator supports creating of the PDF files from more than 300 Windows applications. The software makes use of the open-source GhostScript in order to convert any document into the PDF documents. The same GhostScript is used by many other similar virtual PDF printers like Nova PDF and Cute PDF. The difference is that GIRDAC software uses a very simple interface.

GIRDAC Free PDF Creator

The GIRDAC virtual PDF printer can also be used to create new PDF documents. The process is basically the same, but you would need a document editor like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or GIMP. You can then go about creating the document as you feel like it and then follow the same steps as were used to convert an existing document into the PDF file. After GIRDAC PDF Creator is done creating the PDF document for you, it will display a report containing the information about the creation of the new PDF document.

GIRDAC Free PDF Creator

Conclusion: GIRDAC PDF Creator is basically a virtual PDF printer for Windows PC that can be used to convert any document into a PDF document as well as to create new PDF documents.

You can download GIRDAC PDF Creator from