Stream Videos to Chromecast Using VLC Media Player

VideoLAN VLC Media Player has become the number one choice for all the people whether they are using Windows, Mac or Linux. VLC is also available for Android and iOS, and is getting more and more popular every day. The reason VLC Media Player has surpassed all the others is that it does not require any codecs to be installed and yet is able to play all kinds of videos or other media files. And on top of that, it comes loaded with hundreds of features in a very minimalist user interface.

Starting with the version 3.0 of the VLC Media Player, you will be able to stream videos from your computer or smartphone directly to the Chromecast devices in your place. This makes is very easy for you to watch your videos or listen to songs stored from your PC or mobile devices, on the large screen TV in your living room.

In order to stream the videos from your computer to your Chromecast, all you have to do is first play it in your computer using VLC Media Player. Once he video has started to play, select the Playback → Renderer and then your Chromecast device from the menubar. When you do this first time, Windows Firewall will ask you to allow vlc.exe and give it network permissions. Once you allow it to access the network, it will be able to scan the Chromecast device from your local network.

VLC Media Player to Chromecast

Since VLC Media Player also has built-in support to watch online video streams from a large number of websites, you will be able to watch these live streams on any large screen TV with a Chromecast dongle device. This basically means that you won’t need those smart TVs to watch a video from the internet, rather you can just stream it from your mobile phone to your dumb TV using Chromecast with the ease of VLC Media Player.

If you are not already using VLC Media Player, then you can download it from