Winamp Backup & Restore : New Backup Tool for Old Media Player

There was a time when Winamp was the only media player that Windows users needed. Winamp was mainly used for listening to the MP3 music files but later versions also added support for video files. And if Winamp could not play the video files, then you could always install the K-Lite mega codec pack to add support for all type of media files.

Unfortunately Winamp hasn’t been updated since 2013 and the world has moved on to newer alternatives. In fact, you can no longer download Winamp from the official website as it has been discontinued. If you want to download the last available version from 2013, then you will have to download it from a third party website

Now VLC Media Player has taken the place of Winamp for most of the Windows users. But those who are sticking out with Winamp, there is a new tool for backing up and restoring settings for Winamp. This new tool called Winamp Backup & Restore can easily create backups for Winamp and later restore your settings from them.

Winamp Backup and Restore

Among the different things that it can backup, you can backup Winamp configuration files, skins, plug-ins, visualization presets, icon packs, color themes, language packs, components and other files. The files are backed up into an archive and you can choose whether you want a ZIP or 7Z archive. You can also choose the level of compression – faster compression saves time but creates larger backup files, slower compression takes longer time but creates smaller backup files.

Winamp Backup and Restore

After the backup is complete, you can view the report of all the backup performed. The report is in HTML format and neatly describes every step it has taken and lists all the files it has included in the backup archive. This is more like a log file but very nicely created and is very easy to read.

You can download Winamp Backup and Restore from