Panda Safe Web : Browse the Web Safely

Panda Safe Web is a web browser extension for all the major web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and more. This extension protects you from attack websites, malicious websites and phishing websites as you browse the web every day. It can also integrate with popular search engines to display whether the search engine results have any harmful links.

The extension is available from various add-ons websites for respective web browsers, for example, you can download and install Panda Safe Web from the Google web store for the Chrome web browser. But you can make things a little easier by downloading the setup installer from the Panda website that installs this extension for all the supported web browsers installed in your PC. Of course, you have to restart your web browsers and enable the extension when you are notified of a new extension being installed.

Panda Safe Web

When you visit a website, Panda Safe Web icon in the toolbar shows whether the website is harmless and how many trackers are being used on that site. If you try to open a phishing or malicious website, Panda Safe Web blocks it immediately. This prevents your PC from possibly getting infected by malware, or your personal/financial information being stolen.

Panda Safe Web

As you search for something, Panda Safe Web checks all the links displayed in the search engine results. It supports all the three major search engines – Yahoo, Google, and Bing. For the harmful links, a red colored warning icon is displayed and for the good links, a normal Panda icon is displayed.

In the settings for the Panda Safe Web, you can enable blocking of the phishing websites, enable blocking of the malicious sites, enable scanning the search engine results for major search engines, enable detection/blocking of the trackers of various different kinds.

Panda Safe Web

Panda Safe Web can be used along with your other security products like the antivirus software and the internet security products. It does not consume many of the system resources and keeps you safe from malicious and harmful sites.

You can download Panda Safe Web from