Boom Audio Player : Simple & Portable Media Player for Windows

Smartphones have changed everything about how we listen to music these days. Now people are using SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Prime etc, to listen to music instead of carrying their own MP3 music collection. Then there are online radio stations easily accessible through apps like XiaaLive. But when you are working on your Windows PC, the best music listening experience comes through the old-fashioned way of using MP3 files and a pair of good quality headphones.

Personally, I use my Sennheiser headphones and 1by1 music player to enjoy my music collection whenever I am working on my Windows machines. And now 1by1 has a tough competition from another portable, lightweight and powerful music player called Boom Audio Player. Boom is designed by the same developer, Peter Pawlowski, who was behind the legendary Foobar2000.

Boom is available as a portable application – you can basically download “boom.exe” and launch it to start using it. The “boom.exe” application is a little over 2 MB in size and has a very little impact on your system resources. According to the developer, he created this music player especially to work on the older desktop computers that do not have enough resources for the newer media players.

Boom Audio Player

The very first thing that you have to do after launching Boom is to press the key combination Ctrl+P to open the preferences window. In this window, you can add the music folders where your music files are located. It supports a number of music file types – MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, MPC, WMA and more. Once this is done, it will display all the detected music files in the main interface.

But even without adding the music folders, you can navigate your music files using the “my computer” link. You can list the music files by the genres, artists, albums, music folders and so on. Navigation interface is similar to opening folders and accessing files in Windows File Explorer. Double-clicking on a music file will play it and you can control the playback using a familiar set of controls in the window. Depending on the music file types, some basic meta-tag editing is also possible.

Verdict: Boom audio player is a lightweight and portable music player for Windows computers. Designed to work even on older computers with limited resources, the Boom audio player can play all the popular music file formats.

You can download Boom Audio Player from