Device Checker : Check Windows for Changes in Devices

When you buy a new computer for personal use, you basically stop using the older ones or use them very rarely. In fact, I have one notebook and one desktop computer locked up in my house that I have not used for at least three years. If you try to use them now, perhaps some parts of these computers might not work at all or may work with a difficulty. I know from experience that optical drives are the first to go bad if not used for a long time.

So how do you check your devices if they are working properly or not? Well, you can launch the Device Manager in Windows and see if any new devices have been added or if any old devices have been removed. If any devices have been removed, then you know that perhaps that device is not working. If any new devices have been added, then perhaps a virtual device (like a keylogger) has been added by a malicious program.

You can also check these changes in your PC using a free tool called Device Checker which is a simple monitoring tool for all of your devices and peripherals connected to your PC. This tool can generate a report for the changes in the devices in your PC. The report shows if new devices have been added and if old devices are removed.

Device Checker

In order to find any changes, you can select the type of devices you want to generate the report for and then click on the Generate New button. After the report has been generated, you can find the list of devices that have changed from under the listbox labeled View Changed Data. The report will give you information of what has changed and what has been added or removed.

This tool is really very handy when you want to know if any new devices have been added to your system without your knowledge. Such information can also be useful when some of your devices stop responding and may fail to be recognized by Windows.

You can download Device Checker from