Browser Security for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

Browser Security is a web browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. It claims to block the phishing websites and other malicious websites. The extension works by blocking the known harmful domains and analyzing the various links as you browse the internet every day.

The extension can be installed in all the supported web browsers or you can install it only in the web browser that you use for carrying out financial transactions and visit the social networking media. The extension is designed primarily for the German users but it should work for all the people without any problem.

According to the developers of this Browser Security extension, it can see the difference between real websites and the phishing websites using advanced algorithms. It can tell even the most detailed phishing sites apart from the real sites using a number of algorithms and heuristics technology.

Browser Security

The Browser Security extension does not have any options to be set. After you install this extension in your web browsers, it will simply work in the background and provide you all the protection. It will analyze the frames, links, websites and domain names. When it detects something suspicious, it will block the link or webpage from being loaded and display a warning.

Since there is no visible sign of this extension being installed in your web browser, you won’t be able to see what is happening but it will check all the domain names that you access using a large database and identify all the malicious or phishing links. This extension alone cannot provide you with all the internet security and it must be used in conjunction with a good anti-malware solution like Avast Antivirus or Bitdefender Antivirus so that not only phishing sites are blocked but any malware that slips through the Browser Security can be stopped.

You can download Browser Security from