Display Virtual Desktop in Windows Notification Area

In Windows 10, you can have as many as four virtual desktops just like you can have many workspaces in Linux. Virtual desktops help you separate your work on virtually different screens which helps you make the most of your desktop PC. For example, on one virtual desktop, you can open your web designing applications, and on the second virtual desktop, you can have various personal websites and apps running – making it easier for you to keep a space between your personal and work life.

Usually, you can create and switch to virtual desktops using two ways – through the Task View button in the taskbar and through the use of the hotkey. For the former, you have to simply click on the Task View button and it will show you all the options. In addition, you can use the Win+Ctrl+D to create a new virtual desktop, Win+Ctrl+F4 to close a virtual desktop, Win+Ctrl+Left/Right to switch back and forth between different virtual desktops.

Virtual Desktop Indicator

But if you are working on a particular virtual desktop for a long time, you forget which virtual desktop you are using at the moment. In order to know the virtual desktop number, you can use the free and open-source application called VirtualDesktopIndicator. This small application has only one purpose – to display the number of the virtual desktop in the notification area.

Of course, you can also click on the Task View button to view the currently used virtual desktop along with all the virtual desktops available. But the VirtualDesktopIndicator makes everything very easy. You can now see the virtual desktop number and you do not have to use the mouse or the keyboard either.

Virtual Desktop Indicator

VirtualDesktopIndicator does not require installation and you can use it on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is a really useful for the people who use virtual desktop in their everyday work life.

You can download VirtualDesktopIndicator from https://github.com/reserfodium/VirtualDesktopIndicator/releases.