Hemingway Editor Helps Improve English Writing Skills

No matter how hard you work on your English assignment, your teacher seems to find some or other mistake in your writing. If you have been having problems writing better English then you may benefit from the Hemingway Editor web app. This free web app helps you write bolder, better and clearer.

Hemingway Editor is also useful for people who passed out their high school many years ago and now want to test if they still have those writing skills they learned in their English classes. The web app version is free and very easy to use. But if you want to use it on your desktop computer then they also offer a desktop app version for download. The desktop app is not free but works offline and is available for both Windows and Mac.

If you have already written an essay or article, then you can just copy-paste it in the Hemingway web app and it will display the various errors and suggestions. But you can also start writing in the web app editor from the scratch and view how it evaluates your writing. You can switch to Write mode, if you do not want to evaluate your writing yet. Once you have written the complete article, you can switch to the Edit mode and it will show errors.

Hemingway Editor

It displays easy to follow color-coded suggestions – blue shows adverbs, green shows passive voice, purple shows complicated phrases, yellow shows hard to read sentences, and red shows very hard to read sentences. You can hover over the color codes text to view why that text has been marked. You can also see the meaning of these colors in the web app itself.

Compared to other similar software like Grammarly or Ginger, Hemingway Editor does not provide corrections to the errors or suggestions. It just shows that the text should be improved, but you have to think of the improvement yourself. Grammarly and Ginger both provide a much more comprehensive analysis of your writing and offer more detailed help.

You can visit the Hemingway Editor web app at http://www.hemingwayapp.com/.

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