Cayne : Free Horror Game for Total Unnerving Experience

Cayne is a free-to-play horror game that takes off from where the popular game Stasis left. In Stasis, the protagonist John Maracheck wakes up from stasis (a state of suspension to prevent the humans from aging when traveling over colossal distances in the deep space). John finds himself on a spaceship and realizes that some of the other occupants have been dead. He has a huge task ahead of him to figure out what really happened on the spaceship.

In Cayne, you are playing as a woman named Hadley who is pregnant and is expecting a baby. She also wakes up from stasis and has no idea of where she is and how she got there. She looks around to find out that she is in a facility that resembles a laboratory. From her state and from the surroundings, she guesses that someone is performing experiments on her. She has to figure out who is after her or her baby and escape from this place.

Cayne Horror Game

The game is full of surprises and each new steps builds up the story to make it more and more interesting. Alone and afraid for her life, Hadley experiences hair-raising horror as she explores the mostly abandoned medical facility. The game is played using your mouse and you can control the character in a point-and-click manner. If you love science fiction and horror genre of games, then you will love Cayne.

If you have played Stasis before, then you will find Cayne very familiar. But Cayne is not as rich or large as Stasis. You can play Cayne on Windows PC or Mac for free. The game is available from Steam and GOG. You can find both the free version as well as the deluxe edition on Steam or GOG.

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