How to View Past Notifications in Android Smartphone

We receive so many notifications related to text messages, email messages, app notifications and other things every day that we just swipe them to dismiss them quickly. Sometimes we accidentally dismiss an important notification and then we cannot find it anymore. Fortunately, Android keeps a history of past notifications so that you can find all the recent notifications even after you have dismissed them before.

For viewing past notifications in your Android smartphone, you would need an app called “Notification History Log”. This app can read notifications history from your Android device and can display it all in a neat list format. Before the app can show you the past notifications, you must give it proper permissions. This is done by tapping on Enable Permissions button and then enabling the permissions to access the notifications.

In the app, you can tap on Notification History and it will show you a full list of the notifications that were displayed on your device in the past and were dismissed by you. It also displays all the current notifications that are visible and are not yet read by you or have been dismissed by you. Unread notifications are shown in a bold black font, already read notifications, and the dismissed notifications are shown in grey color.

Notification History Log

In the Advanced History, it will store all the notifications from the time you installed the “Notification History Log” app. This feature is useful as it can store a much larger number of notifications in the Advanced History storage compared to the history that is saved by Android itself.

This way you can view the previously displayed notifications in Android very easily without having to root your smartphone or access any system logs manually. This is very useful in the event of accidentally dismissing an important notification in your Android smartphone.

You can get the “Notification History Log” app from