Preserve Power Button in Android Device with Smart Screen On Off

So you have bought a new Android smartphone and it cost you an arm and a leg. Now you want to make sure that it lasts at least a year before you can start thinking of buying a new smartphone once again. If your smartphone is in a great physical condition even after a year of use, then you can even sell it on eBay and make some money from it. In order to keep your phone in very good condition, you should use a screen guard and avoid the use of power or volume buttons.

Everyone knows where and how to have a screen guard installed on your smartphone, but not many people know how easy it is to avoid using the power button that often and keep it working for a very long time. You can use an app like Smart Screen On Off to turn your Android device’s screen on or off just by tapping on a floating button, by double-tapping on the screen or by hovering your hand near the proximity sensor.

Smart Screen On Off

After the installation of the Smart Screen On Off app on your Android device, it will require you to enable the app as device administrator. Without enabling the app as device administrator it won’t be able to turn off or on your screen. From the settings, you can choose various features like creating a shortcut on the home-screen to turn off the screen instantly, double-tap to turn off the screen, or swiping through the proximity sensor to turn on or off the screen.

Among some of the other advanced settings, you can show a floating button always near the edge of the screen for easily turning off the screen, disable the app when you are using the screen in the landscape mode, optimize the app for pocket mode, enable sleep timer and so on.

Smart Screen On Off

Smart Screen On Off app for Android displays too many ads as you use it and that could be a “turn off” for many users, but it is feature rich and can extend the life of your phone’s physical power button.

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