Play Android Games on PC with LDPlayer Android Emulator

LDPlayer is a blazing fast Android emulator that can make use of the virtualization technology available in the modern computers and processors. It can be used to experience Android operating system in your powerful desktop computer without having to worry about the hardware restrictions that are usually present in the small smartphone running on Android.

LDPlayer is designed by a Chinese software company that specializes in virtualization technology, Linux kernel and Android operating system. They have released LDPlayer for all the users worldwide so that everyone can enjoy apps and games on their large desktop computer. It is not clear whether Play store is available in this Android emulator. But if it is not available, then you will have to side-load the apps or games using the individual APK files. You can just drag-n-drop the APK files on the LDPlayer window and it will start the installation of the app.


It runs on Android 5.1 which is  a little old for today’s times also provides very fast performance on your average computers. It offers multi-tasking (you can launch multiple apps in different windows at the same time) which is very useful if you want to experience Android style multi-tasking on your desktop computer.

You can use your keyboard and mouse for everything in LDPlayer from using apps like the web browsers to playing games on your large screen computer. But you can also attach your gamepad or joystick with your desktop PC and it will be recognized by LDPlayer. After this, all you have to do is switch LDPlayer to full-screen mode and enjoy playing the games on your powerful computer.


LDPlayer is a powerful way of playing Android games on your large screen computer. It offers drag-n-drop APK installation and full support for the virtualization technology. You can now experience stability and smoothness when running mobile games or other demanding applications.

You can download LDPlayer from


  1. What are the minimum requirements for playing Pubg mobile on LDPlayer for smooth playing with no lag?

    1. You can configure game to run at lower settings. But even then you need a minimum of 8GB RAM, 6-core CPU clocked around 3GHz and a newer GPU like Radeon R9 390.

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