Avira Privacy Pal : Privacy Protection for Windows

Avira Privacy Pal is a new software from the manufacturer of popular Avira Antivirus software that protects your privacy by finding and cleaning all of your digital traces in your Windows PC. It works along with your existing security software and adds an extra layer of defense by protecting your online privacy. According to Avira – “It’s a personal assistant that lets you manage your privacy more quickly, simply, and effectively than ever. “

This free software can be installed on your PC and it will work regardless of which antivirus software you have been using. It presents you with three protection types – basic, enhanced and personal. The basic protection can remove your digital traces and cookies that could be used by tracking servers. The enhanced protection can do everything that the basic protection does but can also prevent various apps from collecting your personal data. And the personal protection is a customizable protection where you can choose yourself which items should be removed and whether apps should be prevented from collecting data.

Avira Privacy Pal

After a thorough scanning of your computer, it will show you which of the privacy issues it has detected on your PC. You can make a selection and click on the Clean button to get rid of these items. Among other things, it can prevent Microsoft’s Cortana from tracking your location, accessing your calendar, web browser history, and contacts. It can also remove the Skype chat logs that could be seen by anyone if they know what they have been looking for.

Avira Privacy Pal

Compared to some other tools, Avira’s solution seems to be much more intelligent and can rid of all of your digital traces without having to go through a large number of options. It combines the ease of use and comprehensive analysis to protect your online privacy in your PC.

You can download Avira Privacy Pal from https://www.avira.com/en/avira-privacy-pal.