fmedia : Fast Media Player, Converter and Recorder

It seems like that people are no longer interested in big and bloated media players that become system resource hogs and do not really perform well. More and more people are switching to smaller and faster media players that have little impact on the system resources and give an impressive output quality. Music players such as 1by1 and Boom are being created and loved by Windows users are evidence of this new trend.

But if you want a fast media player that consumes a little of your system resources and can also convert music files as well as record audio through the microphone or any other audio input devices, then you would want to give fmedia a try – a small, portable, and light-weight media player for Windows and Linux.

Typically, if you want to use fmedia for playing music, then all you have to do is add some music files to the fmedia window by dragging and dropping them on the window. You can also use the Add menu from the menubar to add the files or audio streaming URL to the list. After this double-click on any of these items in the list and it will start playing them. Playback control options are available from the menubar and the GUI.


The recorder feature is available from the menubar by selecting the Record menu. You have to select the audio input device like the microphone or audio-in port of your PC and then you can start recording the audio. The audio files are saved in the very high-quality FLAC format.

fmedia also comes with a conversion module that can convert your files to the lossless OGG Vorbis audio format. The conversion functions can be accessed from the menubar after selecting the audio files from the list that you want to convert. By default, it saves the files in the same folder as the original files.

Conclusion: fmedia is a feature-rich media player that does not require installation and can be used to play media files of many different formats. Without using too many of your system resources, it does offer features like audio file conversions and audio recording.

You can download fmedia from