How to Access Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10

Windows Mobility Center is a special location in Windows Vista and above that allows you to control some of the settings in the operating system that are specific to the notebook computer users. For example, you can control the screen brightness, check the battery charging status, connect an external screen like your large screen TV and more. Apart from the tools included by Microsoft, the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Acer etc can also include their own special tools. When the OEM include their own tools, you can tell these tools apart easily because they are listed after the OEM logo and a string – “Customized by OEM” when OEM could be Acer or Dell etc. Obviously, Mobility Center is not available in the desktop computers as these computers do not need any of these features.

Windows Mobility Center

Here is how you can access the Windows Mobility Center in Windows 10:

  1. Press the Win+X hotkey to open the power users menu.
  2. From the power users menu, select Mobility Center. It is located right near the top of the menu.Windows Mobility Center
  3. This will launch Windows Mobility Center window and you can access all the options available in there.

If you want, then you can also launch Mobility Center using the Run dialog directly in the following manner:

  1. Press the Win+R hotkey to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type mblctr.exe in the Run dialog and press Enter.Windows Mobility Center
  3. This will launch Windows Mobility Center window.

You can also create a shortcut to Windows Mobility Center on your desktop. For this, you can right-click on the desktop, select New → New Shortcut, type in mblctr.exe, give the description of the shortcut and it is done. From now on, you can double-click on this shortcut and it will instantly launch Windows Mobility Center for your PC.