NewFolderEx : Create New Folders Quickly in Windows

NewFolderEx is a genius solution to the age-old problem in Windows of not being able to create new folders just by right-clicking on Windows desktop or inside other folders. NewFolderEx adds a new item to the right-click context menu that appears when you right-click on the Windows desktop or other folders.

The usual way Windows allows you to create a new folder is by right-clicking on any empty space inside a folder (including Windows desktop because it is also a folder) and then choosing the sub-menu New followed by New Folder. This can be frustrating and time consuming for people who have to create many folders in their everyday work life. There has to be a quicker and easier way to do this. And this is where NewFolderEx comes in – it helps you create new folders in a much more efficient way and saves you time.


As soon as you finish installing the NewFolderEx software in your Windows PC, the new item appears in the context menu. You can now right-click anywhere on the Windows desktop and choose New Folder from there to instantly create the new folder. The new folder will get the default name used by Windows which is “New Folder” or a number appended to “New Folder” if there is already a folder with that name. Of course, you can change the name of these folders as you please.

There are no options to be set and no changes to be made in NewFolderEx. It is very simple and straightforward software. It helps the Windows users who have to create folders in their daily computing life to arrange the files inside multiple folders.

You can download NewFolderEx from