Identify Songs Using Shazam Lite App for Android

So you are listening to a radio station and the radio jockey plays a new song that you had never listened to before. If you want to know which song is being played, then you can either ask your friends or just use an app to identify that song. In the past, we reviewed an app called Sony TrackID that could quickly identify any song being played. But Sony has discontinued this app since then and now they are suggesting a new app called Shazam Lite.

Shazam Lite is an app very similar to the Sony TrackID app but does not contain as many features and has a very minimal user interface. In order to identify any song being played, all you have to do is launch the Shazam app, tap on the Shazam logo on the screen and point the microphone of your smartphone towards the speakers that are playing the music.

Shazam Lite

In a few seconds, your smartphone will vibrate to indicate that the song has been identified. But the vibration could also mean that an attempt was made to identify the song but it could not identify anything while displaying the suggestion to move your microphone closer to the speakers that are reproducing the music. But if it does identify the song, then it will display the title of the song along with the artists and the album. All the songs identified are shown in a list and there seems to be no way to remove these identified tracks.

Conclusion: Shazam Lite is the new song detective for music lovers. It is a must-have app for all the music lovers who want to know which song is being played so that you can search for it on Spotify later on or ask Alexa to play the same song.

You can get the Shazam Lite app from