PortableApps.com Platform : Auto-Update Programs in Windows

PortableApps.com is where you go if you are looking for portable software that does not need any installation. This website has repackaged many of the popular programs available online in a special portable format so that you can use them without installing in Windows or Mac and so that they don’t create any entries in the system folders or the registry.

If you use many portable applications from PortableApps.com, then you can download and use the PortableApps.com Platform – a full-featured portable software system that offers a unified interface for downloading and launching all of your portable apps together. Using this free tool, you can build your own custom portable app suite for use in your synced cloud folder, on your local PC, or on a portable USB drive.

PortableApps.com Platform

During the installation of the PortableApps.com Platform in Windows or Mac, you can choose how you would like to use it – on cloud storage, in a local folder, in portable mode etc. Afterward, you can view and select all the portable apps that you want to install from a huge list of available apps displayed by category.

PortableApps.com Platform

All the downloaded apps can then be launched by clicking on the small PortableApps.com Platform icon in the system tray and selecting that app’s shortcut. All the downloaded apps are displayed by their categories. You can also right-click on the system tray icon and access all the downloaded portable apps, download more apps, change options for PortableApps.com Platform and even shutdown Windows.

PortableApps.com Platform

PortableApps.com Platform is a very useful tool for building your own portable apps library. You can use it to keep all your portable apps on the cloud storage, on your local hard drive or you can keep them all on a portable USB drive.

You can download PortableApps.com Platform from https://portableapps.com/download.


  1. Perhaps I grossly misunderstood the title of this post (“[…] Auto-Update Programs in Windows”) — but I was under the impression that it would expound on the specific settings (although I see nothing related in the options menu) needed to have the platform app / launcher perform automatic (or silent — in effect, meaning “not requiring user intervention”) updates of installed packages.

    Indeed, one of the most laborious aspects of using the launcher involves application updates, all of which reqire manually clicking through a number of settings windows. With a large library, this can take a significant amount of near-constant attention to complete. Please note that a number of other platforms entirely automate software installation (most notably Ninite, which installs everything silently, in the background).

    Since this post unfortunately does not address this issue, let me ask plainly: is the Portable Apps Platform launcher capable of a) installing or upgrading apps without requiring any user intervention? If so, what must one do to enable this mode?

    1. This is for “portable” apps only. Portable means no installation of any app is needed. All apps stay in a folder on your hard drive, portable drive or pendrive. Instead of maually updating each of the portable apps, you can check for updates using this tool.

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