System Silencer : Perform Tasks When PC is Idle

System Silencer is a unique program that is designed to run tasks when you leave your Windows PC running unattended for some time. When your PC becomes idle (which basically means no input devices like mouse, touchpad, touchscreen or keyboard used for some time), System Silencer kicks in and launches the pre-configured tasks. It is useful for automatically turning off the screen, closing certain windows or programs, muting the PC sound and so on.

Among the man tasks available to be performed when your system has become idle are mute the sound, hide the desktop, hide taskbar icons, hide the desktop icons, disable Aero effect, hide all the open windows, kill processes, change power plans, turn off monitor, lock the PC, shutdown the computer and run a selected number of programs. Some of the tasks have further options to be configured, for example, you can select the windows that should be hidden.

System Silencer

All the tasks can be configured to run when the PC has been idle for a set number of minutes. You can choose this time from a fraction of a minute to many hours. Furthermore, for each of the tasks, you can choose whether they should be executed in the desktop mode, in the battery mode or in both of these modes.

When you come back to your PC and the system is no longer idle, System Silencer can revert all the actions it had taken earlier. For this, you have to set the revert action option for all the tasks that you want to be reverted when system is no longer idle.

System Silencer also comes with a passcode protection so that not just anybody can set its options and make it do things. You can set it to run automatically at Windows startup so that it is always ready to take the actions as your system is idle.

You can download System Silencer from


    1. Leading antivirus engines like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, ESET, Symantec, F-Secure etc are not detecting it. It is listed on PCWorld. It is autohotkey script, you can decrypt it and look at all the code. These days some antivirus engines flag all EXE that are not digitally signed using authenticode as malware.

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