360 Send : Transfer Large Files Between PC and Android Over WiFi

360 Send is a helpful utility that helps you transfer large files between your Windows PC and an Android smartphone over a local WiFi network. This frees you from the cumbersome cables that always go missing when you need them the most. One advantage of the 360 Send utility is that it works with all the Windows computers and the Android smartphones on which 360 Send is installed. This means that you can connect with any of the surrounding devices and transfer your files back and forth with them. Furthermore, the app also has a backup function using which you can backup all of your files from your Android device over to your Windows PC with a much larger storage device.

360 Send

To start using 360 Send, you have to install 360 Send on at least two devices – one Windows PC and one Android smartphone. Of course, you can install it on as many devices as you want. When 360 Send is running on both your Windows PC and your Android device (and both of them are connected to the same WiFi network), you will see the scanned devices in both the PC and the smartphone. Selecting the detected devices will ask the permission for connection from the target device. Upon successful connection, you will see the screen to send or receive the files.

360 Send

The Android app has a special function for backing up your files on the Windows PC. You can choose this function, select a Windows PC where you want to save your files, choose the files that you want to backup and all of these files will be copied over to your Windows PC. This is very useful if your Android device has run out of storage space and you want to backup the files before removing them to free up space for other things.

360 Send

Conclusion: 360 Send allows anyone to transfer data between your PC and Android smartphone in a simple and convenient way. Using it we can transfer photos, music, documents, contacts, movies and even apps. In addition, it can also be used as a data backup tool.

You can download 360 Send from https://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/360-send/.

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