Typora : Minimal and Fast Markdown Editor

Everybody and their grandparents know about HTML by now as it is the first thing school kids learn in the computer lab of the schools these days. HTML is a markup language that presents the text data in a specified manner depending on various special elements or tags included in the text. Learning a markup language like HTML often involves learning about various tags and how they change the appearance of the text data inside the files.

To cut down on the learning curve of the markup languages, markdown was invented. Markdown is using plain text to format the documents as opposed to using and learning new tags in the markup languages. There are markdown editors that make it very convenient for you to write and edit in markdown without worrying about what is going on in the files that you are editing.

Typora is one of the newest and most minimalist of the markdown editors. It is available for many popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The download page for Typora clearly mentions that it is free only in during the beta phase. After the final version is released, it will no longer be free.


Typora works on the principle of WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean). It does not have two separate windows or tabs for the plain text code and the viewer to show how the code is rendered. You can start typing right away and change the text formatting by right-clicking on it and then selecting the various formatting options. You can find even more formatting options from the menubar.

Typora editable files are saved in the MD format by default. But you can import many different formats into Typora, for example, you can import PDF, Microsoft Office documents, LibreOffice documents, LaTex files, HTML files and more. For importing, you will need to install Pandoc first. You can also export your files to a large number of formats including PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), OpenOffice, RTF, Epub, LaTex, OPML, images and more.

Typora can display the markdown files in many different ways using a number of themes. You can simply switch the themes to render the documents in a different way. It comes with five themes in the default setup package, but you can download more themes from their website.

Typora is a feature-loaded and yet easy-to-use minimal markdown editor and viewer. Its unique ability to import and export a large number of document formats makes it a versatile document editor.

You can download Typora from https://typora.io/.