SyvirPC : Diagnostics for PC Hardware and Operating System

SyvirPC is a comprehensive diagnostics software that can test various hardware components in your Windows PC and find out if they are experiencing any problems. It is professionally and aesthetically designed to bring the convenience and ease of operation for all Windows users despite their levels of experience. It can be used to perform more than thirty different types of benchmarks for the stability of the hardware installed in your PC as well as the operating system itself.

While other similar diagnostics software display the information in tables or cryptic text that makes sense only to the students of the computer science at Harvard, SyvirPC presents all the information visually in the form of a 3D representation of your computer’s hardware. Your computer’s motherboard, storage devices, memory, fan, power supply, RAM modules, CPU, battery, heat sink and everything else are displayed in 3D. The 3D model of your computer’s hardware can be enlarged if needed and you can even rotate it to any angle simple by using your mouse. If it finds problem with any of these components, then it shows them in appropriate colors like green (ok), yellow (warning) and red (critical). You can then simply click on the defective components to view the details about the errors and faults that could be causing them to function in that manner.


SyvirPC contains over 30 sensors that check key components such as the BIOS, optical disk drives, processors, hard drives, network cards, fans, infrared, keyboard, external memory cards, motherboard, operating system, parallel port, PCI slots, PCMCIA, pointing device, power supply, temperature sensors or even the USB ports. But not all of these sensors are available in the free version. You can access only three sensors in the free version and you will have to upgrade to a paid version if you want to see all the sensors.

Conclusion: SyvirPC is designed using archaic Visual Basic 6 (Microsoft discontinued it in 2000), but uses the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to get the information about your system’s hardware and operating system. The concept of 3D virtual model of system hardware is very interesting and makes it easy to visually find out components that have problem.

You can download SyvirPC from