Adobe XD is Now Free for Everyone

Adobe is known for very expensive software products for graphics designing and document editing. They have been very dominant in the field of graphics designing, web designing and the document editing software since the 1990s. They continued to enjoy their popularity in the 2000s, but now things have started to change. Not that their products have gone down in quality, but now many cheaper and open-source products are available and people are preferring them instead of spending zillions on Adobe products. For example, GIMP has become a very popular alternative for Adobe Photoshop.

With the intention of keeping their dominant grip in the graphics design market, Adobe has made a smart move – they have now made the popular design tool Adobe XD free for everyone. This means that you no longer have to pay any expensive monthly prices for the Adobe Creative Cloud and still use Adobe XD for all of your interfacing designing needs.

Adobe XD

With Adobe XD, you can create user interfaces and fully functional prototypes for smartphone or tablet apps and web interfaces. In the accompanying app you can test created prototypes in original size and look at a preview of the designs on the phone. But Adobe XD is not the only design tool that can be used for free.

With this move to make Adobe XD free for everyone, Adobe has played a very smart move. Now whenever someone will be looking for a user interface design software they will prefer Adobe XD over others as it is now free. And since Adobe XD can work with other Adobe products and sometimes requires other Adobe products for full functionality, they will be able to increase the sales of their other software products.

If you want to download Adobe XD software for free, you can visit .